Managed Services Greenville SC

Mojoe has you in mind when it comes to management and our services as well. That’s why we offer Web Maintenance, Hosting, Server Management, and Cloud Storage

one person at a computer managing servers that are connected to the computer.

Server Management

We operate and maintain servers to operate at peak performance. That way your website is running quickly and loading just as quickly for users. Managing servers also allows us to make sure that both of our hosting services are running smoothly and operating fast. Like if the email was to go down we would be able to find the problem assess it and fix it easily.

Email Hosting

You might be asking why would you need email hosting? We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host email. By doing this we can make it easier to fix problems, help your email run faster, and keep track of anything you need us to. That way you never lose anything important that was emailed to you.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the same reason… You shouldn’t have to worry about hosting your site, it crashing or doing boring updates. That’s what Mojoe is here for.

Cloud Storage offers cloud storage so that we can help you with all the savings of work you need to do. We can back up files, data, web pages, software, anything you might need to be saved for later on we can help. Not only that but cloud storage allows for easy sharing to other devices, so you can transfer any of the things listed above to another device with ease.

3 devices around a cloud with a file to show cloud storage and how you can use file sharing
mini cartoon people doing maintenance on web page

Website Maintenance

We offer maintenance with our web development service. So if there is any time after you build your site with us and want something changed we can do it. Not only that but it’s also basic maintenance like keeping things up to date and running smoothly so you don’t have to.