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Marketing is one of the most important tools when it comes to advertising you own brand company or even social post. There are many ways to go about marketing some of the ways that Mojoe helps with and is best at are, SEO(search engine optimization), SER(search engine registration), Social Media Management, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. Mojoe provides each of these as they are great marketing tools to use

Search Engine Optimization

Also, known as SEO, is one of the best tools you can use on your website because this is what determines where you rank, on a search engine and how many people will see your site. Mojoe offers SEO and will do all the hard work for you. We have been studying and implementing SEO for years into all of our sites. Sometimes things change though, like with the hummingbird update to google. That’s why we focus your SEO around your content. Everything matters about content these days how good it is and if it even relates to what’s going on with the site. Mojoe has content writers to ensure you get the best ranking possible for your keyword phrase. Unlike other marketing agencies, that use keyword stuffing which will give you a rank for a short period. Then Google comes along sees this and considers it spammy, also so will users. Nobody wants to see the same phrase repeated over and over all over a website. So chose for your SEO

Kayak typed into the google search bar to show example of search engine optimization. Red circle around the first website that comes up. Showing how well Mojoe's marketing is

Eclectic Sun is one of our clients that we do Search Engine Optimization for, and they are ranked at the top for every one of their keywords

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Search Engine Registration

Also known as SER, which is very key to having engines crawl your websites so you can be ranked. If you don’t get your site registered then site engines won’t know that your site exists hence enabling them to “crawl” it. That’s why Mojoe provides SER, we want everyone to know that their site needs to be registered and we would be happy to do it for them.

Social Media Management

Social Media is the other best marketing tool in today’s world. We provide management for your social accounts scheduling posts and making sure you have a social presence. That way your site can bring in traffic from your social apps as well as everywhere else.

Social Icons around a computer screen, on the computer screen is a world map with the words social media management across it and a magnifying glass on the word media to show that marketing in media is important.
Charts and data of the google analytics tool and all the data we can use for marketing

Google Analytics

You are probably wondering how this is a marketing tool. Well connecting google analytics to your site, can show you how well your marketing is helping your site. Mojoe provides signing you up and connecting your site to google analytics, then we send you a weekly report every Monday so you don’t have to go through and figure out how your marketing is doing for your site. That’s our job!

Picture of the google ads marketing tool interface and the words google ads over top of it