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Essential Design Trends - April 2021,, 2021, Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, LogoDesign, Web Design, WebDesign, Website, Websites

Essential Website Design Trends – April 2021

The best thing about writing about essential website design trends each month is looking at all the great sites that are being developed. Designers are stretching creatively and exploring new techniques and ways of doing things all the time. It’s refreshing and...
Trademarking a Logo - Everything You Need to Know, LogoDesign, Logo, Logos, Logo Design,, 2021, Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Website, web site design, Websites, trademarking, Copyright

Trademarking a Logo – Everything You Need to Know

You know those little superscript symbols next to brand names and logos—™ and ®? They’re the trademark and registered trademark symbols, respectively. And if you have a logo or you’re in the process of creating a logo, understanding these tips for trademarking a logo...
Digital Adoption Deserves Center Stage,, 2021, business, Design, Development, Mobile App, WebDesign, Website

Digital Adoption Deserves Center Stage

Due to the economic ripples of the global health crisis, many businesses that were long-term holdouts are finally tackling digital transformation. The situation today is simply too different from what it was a year ago, from consumers relying entirely on digital means...
Digital Trends - What They Mean for Retail and Gaming, 2021,, Design, Development, Mobile App, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, WebDesign, Websites, Website

Digital Trends – What They Mean for Retail and Gaming

Twenty-six years after the first-ever item was ordered online at Amazon (according to Amazon historians, it was a copy of the book "Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies: Computer Models Of The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought" by Douglas Hofstadter) the e-tailer has...

The blog is up!

Oh man, we did it! So a few months ago we launched the Mojoe.Net site, and since then we’ve had great success! We’ve already had a number of projects come straight from the site and from our online search engine rankings. Of course, as “live” launches go sometimes you...

Launch of New Web Sites | Web Design Greenville SC has been incredibly busy lately. We’ve launched the following sites: These sites utilize all of our skill sets from web site...

Current Projects Web Design Projects is currently working on the following sites;,,, and We will be posting more information on the blog on, HOW TO DO WEB DESIGN. We will be linking to...

Google Fiber for Greenville South Carolina We are working on creating a site called this site is non-profit site to show Google that Greenville and the surrounding communities and cities are interested in Google Fiber coming to Greenville. We are looking at taking a different...

Are Animated GIF’s Legal?

 To Gif or Not To Gif Before we talk about the use of a gif, lets first discuss a little thing called Fair Use. “What is Fair Use?”, you ask. Well, here is how the Stanford University Libraries define Fair Use. In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of...
Website, Websites, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Hosting,, Greenville South Carolina

5 Proven Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

When visitors land on your website, not all of them will want to read an entire page. Most likely, they’re looking for just one or two paragraphs that speak directly to their need. A lot of users scan a web page to determine whether it’s worth reading, or simply to...
Improve Your Website Through Typography,, 2021, Apps, Brand Identity Design, Design, Development, Responsive Web Design, WebDesign, WebDevelopment, Website, web site design, Websites

Improve Your Website Through Typography

Typography is one of the most important elements of any site, having a measurably large impact on brand and experience and improve your website. So fundamental is it that making wholesale changes to your typography — opting for a new font, changing the measure,...

Hacking – Cars Held For Ransom

FOX Carolina 21 Hacking – Are you Safe in your car? Ever had your computer held for ransom? A message pops up on your laptop screen and reads, “We will give you the code to unlock your computer if you pay us $300 dollars, and if you don’t pay, we will delete all your...

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