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Web Design Trends Unique for 2021

Welcome to our annual round-up of web design trends. From retro typography to the ever-growing no code movement, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2021. 2020 wasn't easy. With its gallons of hand sanitizer, awkward Zoom meetings, and the looming anxiety of...
Website Navigation - How Important It Is, 2021, Design Design, GreenvilleSC, Website, web site design,

Website Navigation – How Important It Is

“Behind every great brand is a well-designed website.” Someone important must have said that…right? It’s vital for your brand to have an accessible, easy-to-use design and the first step of that is creating killer website navigation. Allow us to map out successful...
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Create A More Just World By Tapping Into Your Network

Despite cliched phrases like ‘your network is your net worth,’ we rarely reflect on the actual riches that we each possess in our networks. Although it’s easy to take for granted the people in our circles, evidence reveals repeatedly how critical they are. Certainly,...
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A Brand Positioning Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Brand Positioning Your brand identity is what makes you you, setting your business apart from the rest. If your brand has a more positive image than your competitors, its leads to more business and a stronger connection to your audience. But how does a...

The blog is up!

Oh man, we did it! So a few months ago we launched the Mojoe.Net site, and since then we’ve had great success! We’ve already had a number of projects come straight from the site and from our online search engine rankings. Of course, as “live” launches go sometimes you...

Launch of New Web Sites | Web Design Greenville SC has been incredibly busy lately. We’ve launched the following sites: These sites utilize all of our skill sets from web site...

Current Projects Web Design Projects is currently working on the following sites;,,, and We will be posting more information on the blog on, HOW TO DO WEB DESIGN. We will be linking to...

Google Fiber for Greenville South Carolina We are working on creating a site called this site is non-profit site to show Google that Greenville and the surrounding communities and cities are interested in Google Fiber coming to Greenville. We are looking at taking a different...
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How to Build Your Brand through Web Design

A successful brand can get you customers, and enable you to keep them at the same time. Also, by keeping your buyers satisfied with your products or services, they will remain loyal. The first thing you should do, however, is to tell them what your brand is all about....
Businesswoman Working Computer, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design | Greenville, SC

3 Myths About Search Engine Optimization

There’s a wealth of information available online about SEO. Unfortunately, not all of that information is entirely accurate. So as you learn more about this important marketing tactic, there are a few common myths you should be aware of — so that you can stay away...

Web Resources – Greenville South Carolina

Developing or Designing a web site can be a challenging task. Having the right resources and knowledge available can increase productivity and insure that your site will be developed properly and efficiently. provides their clients with educational material...

WordPress Web Site – Capstone Insurance is proud to announce the launch of Capstone Insurance WordPress web site. Capstone Insurance Company located in Greenville, South Carolina and provides insurance services. We provided not only a custom designed WordPress web site but we also made sure that...

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