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Wondering about how Mojoe.net came to be able to do web hosting, web design, web development, and more. Well here is our story.

The Adventure Begins

1994 – In Greenville, SC during the late 90’s MOJOE.NET begins—like many great startups of this decade—in a garage. One man, who happens to love technology, watches the introduction of the internet and realizes that THAT is where business, commerce, and education are heading, and has a vision. That man is our founder, Deveren Werne. That garage is his garage. And that vision is one of scalable growth that he will pass on to numerous organizations over the years.
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Web Hosting-ourstory-1999, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Mojoe.net, Greenville SC

The Next Big Thing

1999 – With e-commerce, smart homes and words like “integration” and “dynamic” now part of our daily vocabulary, technology has a lot in store, and MOJOE brings on its first employee to meet the demand.

Partners and Growth

2006MOJOE is now making a name for itself in the SouthEast and begins teaming with local experts and professionals. Synergy takes hold as technology and partnerships grow exponentially.
Web Hosting-ourstory-2006, Web Design, Mobile Application, App Development, Mojoe.net, Greenville SC
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Advancement by Design

2012 – Hosting, programming, marketing, branding, and freelancers, along with dozens of employees, now form the hub that is MOJOE. With things moving so quickly in this space, MOJOE becomes partners with the local BBB and Chamber of Commerce, and even helps design and produce a statewide annual Technology Awards Event.

The Adventure Continues

2020 – With a new office, a streamlined process, trademarked system, and ever-better technology, MOJOE is a spearhead of web and software design and development in the SouthEast. With a portfolio that includes mobile apps, websites, web hosting, web applications, e-commerce, trade shows, customized software, and more, the question is: What will happen next?
Web Hosting-ourstory-2006, Web Design, Mobile Application, App Development, Mojoe.net, Greenville SC
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