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Mojoe.net is a Web Design and Website Development Company based in Greenville, SC that has been making professional website designs and providing specialized knowledge on everything web-based for 23 years. We use WordPress to create and design a site that will be engaging, friendly, and search engine optimized.


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Web Design – Logo Design – Custom WordPress


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Mojoe.net has been providing neat, clean, modern, web design and website development, for over 20 years to the Greenville SC area. Helping many businesses with web services. Mojoe stands apart from other web design companies by, not only making quality websites but also giving you the information you seek to understand about website design, website development, and even SEO. There are many other services we provide that are separated into 4 different categories, being Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, and Management


Web Design

Our main focus when it comes to design is web design. Web design does however include many other categories. Like graphic design, it’s important to have informative graphics on a website. Logo design is important because a logo is the face of your company. Branding goes hand in hand with your logo, your company needs a base and that’s what a brand is for. We also do prototyping so that you can check out your design and make sure it works the way you want.

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Web Marketing

Marketing is one of the key components when it comes to getting your name out there. That’s why we offer SEO (search engine optimization) so that your site can rank well for more people to see. SER so that your site gets crawled properly and noticed by search engines. Google ads so you can get more clicks to your site and Google analytics so you know how well ads or your site is performing. Finally, social media, having a presence on social platforms is very important, that’s why we manage it for you.

Kayak typed into the google search bar to show example of search engine optimization. Red circle around the first website that comes up. Showing how well Mojoe's marketing is

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Web Development

We offer more than your average website company when it comes to development. We have developed software for many different companies that can do a multitude of things. Applications and we have even developed Bigcommerce websites that way you can have an online store and a website designed the way you want.

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Web Management

When it comes to management it can be a big task. That’s why we provide management services so you don’t have to do it. We will manage your server including email and hosting, so you have fewer problems. We provide cloud storage, so no need to worry about losing important documents, files, and anything else you need. Finally web maintenance, we maintain and keep your site up to date.

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Whether you’re in need of a custom web application, website, mobile application, or corporate branding, or if you’re in need of multiple services then Mojoe can assist you with choosing the right path. Need to be educated on what you don’t understand? We can help you understand technology, SAAS (Software as a Services), web development, application development, and all the technical jargon that can be so confusing.

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I.T., Hosting, & Cloud Support

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Software & Mobile App Development

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Web & Software Interface Design

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SEO & Content Management

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