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Project Overview:
Website Design, Website Development, Software Development, Technical Specification Documentation, Wireframing, Prototyping, Database Development, Project Management, Multi International Team Coordination, and Mobile Development.


After reviewing the current state of Automate America’s

web application and revising the development life cycle of the ongoing project. We implemented new design, development mobile app development and procedures for multi international team coordination. We worked closely with the Automate America team to ensure that goals and deadlines were accomplished. 

Project Overview:
Mobile Application Development, Website Design, Website Development, Customized Membership Management, and Custom WordPress.

Industrial Networking Group need to revamp their presence on the web.

We provided this by designing and developing an entirely new site that highlighted the membership and members of Industrial Networking Group. We did this by also providing a mobile application that could be used to access member only sections of the web application.

The application has the ability to add new members, edit members, along with the ability to grow the memberships.

Project Overview:
Mobile Design, Web Design, Technical Specification Documentation, Wireframing, Prototyping, Database Development, Software Development, Server Configuration, Multinational Team, Project Management, and SAAS Web Application.

Technology made to help you get dirty.

This mobile application was developed in tandem with creating a web application that allows for ag farmers to input data through the mobile app that then is processed in the web application and stores that data for easy retrieval and access. This web application has been developed to also allow for the addition of additional agricultures applications to be added in the future as well.

Project Overview:
Mobile Application Development. Web Application Development, Custom Software development, Internet of Things (IOT), Project Management, International Coordination of Equipment, and Logistics.


Technology that provides an autonomous Gold Caddie.

This mobile tablet application software developed inhouse by our skilled software development team at Allows the tablet to provide GPS Coordinates to the golfer, along with providing other data to a sever for tracking the entire experience. developed the software and server software to accomplish this task. The tempowalk is currently being used by ClubCar.

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