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The branding and logos of Domino’s has changed. If you have seen the new Domino’s pizza ads on TV then you have seen the new look of the pizza giant. The old logo of the company had two tiles and said Domino’s Pizza. The new logo has one tile and just says Domino’s. It doesn’t sound like a big change does it? But in fact this is a multi-million dollar change for the pizza company and its over 10,000 locations world-wide.

In an ever-changing world, Domino’s has decided to put itself out there and adapt to its changing consumer behaviour, by revamping its logo and its stores. With the launch of its new ad campaign Domino’s has announced its store of the future – a “Pizza Theater” store design. This new store design will feature pizza making artists (like actors on stage or the big screen) that will make hand tossed fresh dough pizzas and other items while the customer watches. Also, the new stores will include a “comfortable lobby, open-area viewing of the food-preparation process… [give customers] the ability to order from a kiosk and track carry out orders electronically…[and] will also feature chalk boards to allow customers to express their creativity or to leave feedback for the store team members”, according to the company.

“Everything started to come together in 2008, when we recognised the real need to change,” Russell Weiner, Domino’s Pizza chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “We began to expand our menu, develop a whole new recipe for our pizza and come up with new breakthrough ways to talk about our brand with customers in innovative ways through technology, mobile devices and social media.”

“The next step in this process is to build the store of the future, featuring new store signage and a simple, visually striking logo—because we believe Domino’s has become an iconic global brand that is instantly recognizable,” he added.

By Lance Roberts

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