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Has your personal or business computer suddenly stops responding to your commands, or has the hard drive simply crashed, what are you going to do?

Yes, you can run down to Best Buy or your neighborhood electronics store and purchase a replacement hard drive for your computer. But that won’t fix or recover your data on the failed hard drive. You know all the important stuff you need to keep working or all your images and family memories. Did you make a back it up? Unfortunately, most home users do not back up their systems, and many small businesses have older back-up procedures that are often ineffective for recovering files.

The first thing to do is to be calm. Proceeding hastily can actually do more damage to your data. In most cases of actual hard drive failure, an  IT Specialist can get your data back. Just because you cannot access your data through your operating system does not necessarily mean that your data is lost.

The only irreversible data loss is caused by overwriting bits, physical damage to the drive platters or destruction of the magnetization of the platters, which seldom happens without a severe reason. Most of all cases, are malfunction is caused by a damaged circuit board, failure of a mechanical component and crash of internal software system track or firmware. These situations can be addressed by the experts in the IT field, who are able to recover 100% of the data for almost all of their customers.

If you hear a clicking sound emitting from your hard drive, or if the computer’s S.M.A.R.T. function indicates an error during the boot process, something is wrong. The safest bet is to contact an IT Consultant expert.

After receiving your failed hard drive, a IT specialist’s first step will be to try and save an image of the damaged drive onto another hard drive. This image drive, not the actual damaged hard drive, is where the IT specialist will try to recover the lost data.

The next step in the imaging process is to determine if the hard drive failure  was an actual malfunction, a system corruption or a system track issue.

After recovery of the data from the hard drive is finished and the IT specialist found the root cause of the issue of the hard drives failure. The IT specialist will return the the recovered data ( which is the best part ) to the customer, with a detailed explanation for the failure of the hard drive, in most cases.

Article by Lance Roberts

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