What is Flexible or Responsive Web Design?…..Is it important for my web site?

Flexible or Responsive web design is ability of your website to interpret the user’s behavior and accommodate the user no matter what platform, device or browser they are using. So if the user is on an iPhone the pages loads correctly, images re-size and scale down in size for bandwidth, the same goes for any other mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

PC Devices and Blackberry

So does this mean I need to develop 20 different versions of my web site as well as be on the lookout for new emerging technologies and then re-create a whole new version of my web site? The answer is no. You do need to have a web site that uses fluid, or flexible layouts that can recognize when it switches from a laptop to a desktop and so on. To sum it up in a phrase you need a “smart-web-site.” A smart web site will respond to the user’s browser, screen size, or device.

Just like you can have a “Smart Home” that can associate you entering a room in your house and dim the lighting, adjust the heating or turn on the TV or Stereo via a PIR (Passive Infrared). Your web site will automatically know that a user is using Android phone and in response will show him/her a screen that fits in landscape mode or portrait mode. It will scale the images on your site accordingly or remove them all together to conserve bandwidth. Minimize your logo and present mobile information at the users fingertips. You can interface with certain phone functions, such as: SMS, Maps, YouTubeFacebookTwitterFourSquare and of course let’s not forget the actual phone.

So the answer is Yes, this new form of developing and serving up web sites is very important and if you plan on your web site being able to be accessed by a wide variety of users and platforms it is an absolute necessity. Especially, if you have a social campaign in mind or wish to stay connected with your customers/users no matter where they are.

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