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Renfrow Industrial

Project Overview:
Graphic Design-renfrow, Design and Development, Web Design, SEO,, Greenville SC

MOJOE worked closely with the VP of Sales and Marketing at Renfrow Industrial to develop a fresh look for their company logo. This new clean and fresh graphic design is now used in their marketing across all media platforms.

Asap Expediting & Logistics 

Project Overview:

Graphic Design-asap, Web Design, SEO, SER, Responsive Design,, Greenville SC

ASAP Expediting & Logistics needed a fresh new brand to be used in their marketing across all platforms. This logo captures their company’s goal with logistics and fast next-day shipping.

Carolina Pain Scrambler

Project Overview:
Graphic Design-carolina, Web Design, SEO, SER, Responsive Design,, Greenville SC

With a focus to pull patients in to learn about the benefits of Neuropathic Pain therapy and how it can relieve chronic pain when many other therapies fail, this logo for Carolina Pain Scrambler does the trick.

Graphic Design-tsv-brand, Web Development, SEO, SER, Web Design,, Greenville SC

This logo was developed for introducing a new type of methodology. This new type of methodology is all in the name TSVMap which stands for Technical Specifications Value Map. The choice of the orange chevron to donate precision was crucial to the client. It conveys the precise mapping of a customer’s technical issues.

Liquid Video Technologies

Project Overview:

Social Media Management and Social Ad Creation.

Graphic Design-liquid-video, Web Design, SEO, SER, Web Services,, Greenville, SC

Liquid Video Technologies goes smart.

When dealing with daily security measures and smart-home design, you need a site that is fresh and stable. was brought in to give a decade-old-needed facelift to a company that deserves it most.


Project Overview:

Brochure Design, Content Creation, Collateral Creation and Printing.

Graphic Design-tsvmap-brochure, Responsive Design, SEO, SER,, Greenville SC

Complex made Simple.

When TSVMap needs to explain their service offerings in IT and process analysis and assessment, they can simply pull out their new brochure, designed to make the complex nature of their business easy to understand.

Dental Care on East Main

Project Overview:
Graphic Design, Branding dental care on east main,, Greenville SC

When a dentist’s office needed a new logo Mojoe was there, we created the brand new look they needed to get more smiles in the door. 

TSVMap Icon Set

Project Overview:

Icon Set Creation.

Graphic Design-icon-set, Responsive Design, Web Hosting, SEO, SER,, Greenville, SC

An Iconic Look.

As a part of an overall strategy designed to bring simplicity to an otherwise complex service offering, MOJOE created branded icons to identify different kinds of services for these IT and Process Systems analysts.

Greer Pediatric Dental Care

Project Overview: Logo Design

Graphic Design, Greer Pediatric Dental Care,, Greenville SC

When a company needs a new colorful logo Mojoe is here to help. We redesigned Greer Pediatric Dental Care’s logo with two things in mind. Something that would pop and grab your attention. 

Babyzillas, LLC

Project Overview:

Graphic Design and Concept Creation.

Graphic Design-babyzilla, Responsive Design, SEO, Web Design, SER,, Greenville SC

Bringing Playtime to the Bigtime.

This fun children’s clothier needed a brand that matched its unique and youthful personality. So, MOJOE came up with a playful, dino-centric brand that had real staying power.

Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Responsive Design, Greenville South Carolina

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