Company Background:

Global Water Center is a non-profit organization working to help end the global water crisis. Billions of people all over the world are forced to drink dirty water every day, and even though hundreds of organizations exist to combat this, they often struggle to implement effective solutions that are up to code and self-sustaining. Founded by Molly and George Greene in 2020, Global Water Center sprung out of Water Mission to help educate, train, and unite the organizations that are fighting against the water crisis. 


The Challenge:

As a branch of WaterMission, Global Water Center needed a way to share documents and communicate amongst their smaller team. Mojoe stepped in to create a forum for the Global Water Center team to share and access all their documents and communication. 


The Solution: 

Mojoe created a customized SharePoint for the Global Water Center team to allow them to stay well-connected. Now, Global Water Center has a space for all team members to share documents, event calendars, and dashboards. The SharePoint also includes user permissions, allowing their leadership to make sure documents and pages are made accessible to the correct members of the team. Furthermore, the SharePoint matches Global Water Center branding perfectly for a seamless experience for the employees. 


Services Provided by Mojoe Included: 

  • Custom branding
  • User Permissions
  • Event Calendars
  • Dashboards
  • Documents


Once again, Mojoe was thrilled to assist Global Water Center in their noble mission. Creating the SharePoint will allow them to increase their efficiency and help more people get clean water faster. Check out the new Global Water Center website for more information! 


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