Company Background:

Global Water Center is a non-profit organization working to help end the global water crisis. Billions of people all over the world are forced to drink dirty water every day, and even though hundreds of organizations exist to combat this, they often struggle to implement effective solutions that are up to code and self-sustaining. Founded by Molly and George Greene in 2020, Global Water Center sprung out of Water Mission to help educate, train, and unite the organizations that are fighting against the water crisis.

The Challenge:

Initially, the nonprofit was working with a two to four page website that provided minimal information to their audience and potential partners. With a strong online presence becoming more and more essential every day, this website was proving to be too small for Global Water Center’s lofty aspirations. Mojoe is grateful that Global Water Center entrusted us with the complete reimagining of their website.

The Solution:

Mojoe was delighted to work with Global Water Center to help them revamp and reinvigorate their website. To start the project, we created a detailed wireframe of the new website, upping its structure to a ten to twelve page website and creating a framework for our design and development. Before developing the website, our team also created a visually appealing and user-friendly website design to accommodate the new and expanded pages of the website. After receiving approval from the Global Water Center team, we filled in the framework with the increased information and stunning customized design, while also restructuring and redesigning the old website to include the new information. Throughout the development process, Mojoe made sure to utilize the latest web technologies and best practices to ensure the site was responsive, fast-loading, and compatible across various browsers and devices. This included mobile optimization for the expanded website, ensuring the new or redesigned pages fit perfectly on all screens for an excellent user experience on smartphones and tablets. Additional search engine optimization increases web traffic from search engines to create a powerful online presence for Global Water Center.

Services Provided by Mojoe Included:

  • Wireframe Development
  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Form Reconstruction
  • Mobile Optimization


Mojoe went above and beyond to complete this transformation and provide a polished final product with a plethora of information about Global Water Center’s extremely important work. We are happy to have been even a small part of Global Water Center’s life-changing mission and look forward to seeing how much they accomplish with a beautiful and informative new website in their tool belt.