When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and you are trying to get a page ranked for a certain keyword. There are a few things to remember, what is the competition for the keyword/keyphrase. How will you incorporate it into good content, do not keyword stuff, and think of what information you would want to come up with if you typed this keyword or phrase into Google search? After all, you are the target that Google is trying to reach when using keywords and phrases.

Competition for Keywords

Competition of the keyword is a big deal to get a page ranked, you want to make sure you know how high of a competition it is for this specific keyword as this will help you pick out the best words to use for your entire site. The more people you have to compete with the hard it will be to get to the 1st page and especially the top for that word. You can use the Google ad words tool to start a keyword planner search, this tool lets you type in keywords see the competition and the search rates for this word/phrase. I highly recommend it as it is very helpful when it comes to creating a list of keywords for your website.

Content for Your Keywords

How will you use this keyword, remember that content is very important to google these days? So brainstorm about what kind of content you can write on this specific topic, and sub-topics that you can write under it as this is good for site structure. In a sense, you want to structure things like a pyramid having the main keyword at the top, then having subtopics under that, and so on. This helps google read through your content a lot better and rank you higher because google will see this as a good user experience.

Keywords (NO Stuffing)

Keyword stuffing is a big no-no. This is something you want to avoid as Google will rank you lower or not at all if they see you doing it. Now, what classifies as keyword stuffing well plastering your keyword all over the page, or stuffing it inside links and images. Now I am not saying don’t put keywords in images and links, I am only saying do it when the keyword makes sense with the image or link. If Google reads through and there is an image of a monkey, but you use the keyword Data in the alt text, description, caption, and title. Then google will see this as spammy and ding (negative points for ranking) you for it. So try to avoid keyword stuffing, a good practice for links is if the text that is highlighted does not link to content about that highlighted text there probably should not be a link there.

Think about the User

The last thing I want to talk about is what information do you want to come up with when someone types in your keyword or key phrase. This is the point of why people are typing the keyword in the first place, to begin with. So think about how can you incorporate this keyword into content that talks about this topic and will give a reader value and not make them leave your site. If you give a reader something valuable then, of course, they will stay because there getting good information. That is just a little something to keep in mind when writing your content.

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