Interested in some Logo Design tips and tricks?

Here you’ll find a quick summary of the most important logo design dos and don’ts, as well as many quality resources that will help you learn how to create your own great logos!
This is a serious guide for any designer who wants to be part of this industry. A little effort goes a long way – so let’s take it away!

1st – The logo must be unique.

2nd – A unique logo places your company in a class of its own, and helps you differentiate from the competition.

3rd – Make sure the logo is easily recognizable. Make it simple without losing its meaning.

A logo that is too simplistic can lead your clients (visitors) to think that the website has no content (which can be costly).

Symbols are important because they help you to communicate with your target audience. For example, a light bulb icon may represent an energy-saving product or a construction company with an image of a construction worker, while the website icon might mean web development since it usually involves editing programs and code. Getting down to the details is the key here, so make sure to find the right combination of colors and shapes. If you’re not thinking about details, you might get lost in translation.

5th – Make sure your logo is simple.

6th – The logo should create an emotional impact that fits your company’s personality & culture.
Magnets are used to attract customers and keep them interested in your product/service and this can easily be done with a logo that simply attracts people’s attention and at the same time leaves them wanting more info on what your business is all about!

7th – Keep it consistent! This means using the same font styles, colors & images throughout your branding campaign.

8th – It should be scalable. All your logo files should be created in vector formats that can easily be reproduced at any size.

9th – Your logo needs to be easy to reproduce in multiple formats (i.e. vector) for your website, presentations, and other marketing materials.
A .jpg / .png format will work just fine for web content but don’t waste valuable time creating a logo in this format as it will not hold up well when it comes to print material such as business cards, brochures, and letterhead!

10th – The logo should give the same feeling/message whether it is used alone or with other elements like the company name or tag line.

Logo design is no easy task as it takes some skill to fit all of these tips and tricks into one logo. Remember logos are very important they are the first thing that everyone will see and remember about your company. This is why you need a good logo professionally made, here at Mojoe we do Logo design and have a full portfolio you can check out.

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