Company Background:

Premium Choice Cabinetry imports custom cabinets made of only the highest quality materials for their customers. They have experts in place to examine every material and ensure their customers receive the best product possible, with a finish on each cabinet to keep them beautiful for years. Those interested in working with Premium Choice may also become dealers and help increase the customer base so more people have access to these excellent products for their homes and businesses.

The Challenge:

Premium Choice Cabinetry recently found themselves unhappy with their website’s layout. They felt the site placed too much emphasis on the side of their business that recruits potential dealers. On top of needing to refresh their look, Premium Choice found themselves in need of a completely new layout to direct more traffic towards their artful products.


Thankfully, Premium Choice is not the only company invested in creating beautiful, functional products for their customers. Premium Choice started with the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP), who then put them in touch with Mojoe. When Premium Choice relayed their concerns to the Mojoe team, we had our experts ready to upgrade their website to match the artistry of their products. 

The Solution

The Mojoe team started by creating a wireframe and custom design for Premium Choice Cabinetry. We also installed a new theme for the website, allowing for a newer, smoother layout for customers to follow. This new layout will allow Premium Choice to direct as much traffic as they want towards their products, while also encouraging potential dealers to get involved. As Mojoe developed each page, they input Premium Choice’s content in the perfect place to accomplish their goals. 

Services provided by Mojoe included:
  • Wireframe creation
  • Custom Design
  • Webpage Development
  • Install new theme
  • Input content 



Mojoe and Premium Choice Cabinetry are both invested in creating high quality, long lasting products for their customers. Thanks to SCMEP, Mojoe was thrilled to upgrade Premium Choice’s website to allow them to drive business towards their beautiful designs. Go check out both companies’ art on the Premium Choice Cabinetry website today!


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