Company Background:

Prince Engineering specializes in piping design for industrial clients, construction companies, equipment manufacturers, and many other engineering companies. From utility systems, exhaust systems, and smokestack systems to commercial swimming pools, Prince has a wide variety of expertise allowing them to help a plethora of different businesses. 

The Challenge:

As a company with such a large scope of work, the need to update the design and content on their website is a necessity for Prince Engineering. However, due to the use of old plugins that went out of date, Prince soon found themselves unable to update their content easily. This dilemma put the company in a difficult position of being unable to represent themselves and their large repertoire of work in a way they saw fit. 

The Solution:

Partnering with Mojoe was the best decision Prince Engineering could have made to get themselves out of this dilemma. We were happy to help them update not only their website’s structure, but also the design. All the old plugins were upgraded and the website was moved from WordPress to WordPress Divi to give Prince the same customizability they offer to their many clients. Furthermore, Mojoe created a new design for Prince Engineering to better represent their brand. Now, they can update their content easily to ensure that they are always putting their best foot forward. 

Services provided by Mojoe included:
  • Project Management
  • Wireframe Design
  • Web Design
  • Data Transfer
  • WordPress Divi 

Prince Engineering is a versatile company that deserves the freedom to represent their many facets in whatever way they see fit. Mojoe has been thrilled to work with a company that has so many areas of expertise, and we happily used our expertise to create a stunning product for Prince. Check out our work on the website today, and see how Prince Engineering may be able to help you with an unexpected project!


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