I will be one of the Business Executives that will be presenting on web and IT.

SEED, which stands for Sustainable Entrepreneurs in Economic Development, will be an eight session program held over the course of four months.

Graduates of the program will receive an entrepreneurship certificate from Clemson.

Greg Pickett, associate dean at Clemson at the Falls, the university’s center for business education in downtown Greenville, said SEED is an “accelerator” that will provide education to entrepreneurs wanting knowledge to grow their business.

He said there are times when emerging organizations have questions but they’re unsure who to go to ask or what to ask. Through SEED, the answers will come mainly from experienced business executives.

“We looked around in the community and found that to be a need that we could fill with our partners and the contacts we have in the area,” Pickett said.

The program will be moderated by Mark Roth, president and chief executive officer of Teludyne Technology Industries in Greer, and Doug Kim, a patent attorney and shareholder at McNair Law Firm PA in Greenville.

“Too often, there are early stage entrepreneurs that don’t know how to take their business to the next stage of high growth,” Roth said. “That’s where the SEED program comes in, where you’ll have business leaders come in and say, ‘I was there. Here’s what I did wrong, and here’s what I did right. Don’t do this.’ It creates such a great learning environment.”

Another positive is that the young players in the community will be get know each other and create their own network, said Dave Wyman, interim director of the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson.

Wyman, who came to the Upstate in 2008 and has sold more than 60 inventions to major toy companies, said he wishes such a program had been available to him when he started his own business in the mid-1980s.

“It took me five years of hit and miss before I finally found out some of these secrets of entrepreneurship,” he said. “That’s what we’re trying to do is accelerate the learning for these young people and also get them to know other young people as well as the mentorship and advice of experienced business leaders.”

SEED, which will be limited to 25 students when classes begin this fall, is just one piece in a number of things Clemson has initiated in an effort to extend the Spiro Institute’s impact, Pickett said.

“Part of what we’re trying to do in the Spiro institute is to find opportunities to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists in the state and the region,” he said.

SEED will start Sept. 7, with classes at McNair Law Firm P.A. at 104 S. Main St., Suite 700, in downtown Greenville.

For more information, contact Pris Foster at priscf@clemson.edu or 864-370-3038

Article Provided By: Angelia Davis

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