My name is Deveren Werne I have worked on web sites and web development for over 10 years. Frequently I get asked questions about the internet, “Is my site copyrighted?”, “Is my domain name protected?” “What do I do if someone copies my web site?”, “What is copyrighted and what is not copyrighted?”, and “What laws are there to protect me from someone stealing the content on my site?” One sec before I continue let me throw out this DISCLAIMER (“I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. I suggest you get your own legal advice when wanting to copyright your web site or web content.”) In the beginning the internet was a wild west of people registering domain names of celebrities, registering domain name for sale, and people copying content, copying design and even there development. Since then though the internet has changed, people can still register domain names and sell them to you but the copyright laws that are present in everyday business now apply to the web site’s. Now these rules and regulations only apply in the United States, they do not apply throughout the entire world. You can file different forms with the US Patent office the forms will protect your text and art. (Once again see the DISCLAIMER)

There is also a book that I recommend highly if you are thinking about designing or developing a web site and you would like to protect the design and content that is presented on your site. The name of the book is called, “This Business of Internet Law: Tools for Navigating the Evolving Business and Legal Landscape of Today’s Internet Environment”. I constantly refer back to this back book. I recommend this book to all of my clients.

I also think you should check out these links when it comes to copyrighting, patents, and other helpful information when thinking about developing a web site and your web content.

Copyright Forms US Goverment
US Patent Office

Another site that I would recommend is the University of Maryland University College

An attorney that I would recommend is Doug Kim with McNair Law Firm

Here is another post from our web site that talks about the 10 Big Myths of Copyrights

I will be continuing this post on The Internet on a weekly basis and next post will be on Search Engine Optimization and Registration.

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