Web Design Spotlight on Solor

Web Design for My Solor

We recently set down with Alex Swire-Clark of www.mysolor.com and asked for an evaluation of our web design services that we provided.

Alex, was very quick to let us know that everything we promised was delivered as promised. We did not only meet his expectations but exceed them with the Search Engine Optimization / Registration. In the last couple of months they have had more traffic and inquires about their services than their previous web site ever accomplished.

Alex’s impression of the overall experience to use his words, “Abnormal, because Mojoe delivered everything that was promised and in a timely manner”. He was also impressed that we educated him about the process and the procedures and the work that went into developing a site. That we did not talk down to him as other web development companies have in the past.

Words that Alex used to describe Mojoe: Detailed, Relationship, Customer Service, Education, Goals

We provided the following web design and development services to www.mysolor.com

  • Custom Web Design
  • WordPress Integration as Content Management System (CMS)
  • WordPress Plugin Support and Installation
  • Cascading Style Sheet Creation (CSS)
  • Photography Selection
  • Mood Board Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Registration

If you would like to speak with Alex Swire-Clark in reference to our services, dedication or level of services. Feel free to visit his web site at www.mysolor.com and send him an email asking, “what he thinks about Mojoe.net.”

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