Writing Great content 144resWrite Your Headline First

If your writing the story of a lifetime or just letting everyone know about the new computers that will be coming out in the near future, you have to start somewhere. Do you want to write great blog content? Of course you do! Doesn’t everyone? But where to start?

Well, I suggest you start with the headline first. You will need to have a basic idea for the subject of your article, blog post or so on. But once you have that basic idea, create your headline. Make it so it will grab the attention of your readers,  before you start writing the content of the article.

Why start with the headline you ask?

Your headline tells your readers what to expect in the article you have written. It’s like a promise to readers. For example, have you ever read a headline of an article only to find the story had little or nothing to do with the headline? Did you feel like you had wasted your valuable time? You don’t want to be the person or organization that upsets its readers because after a couple of times of that they will stop reading your post articles altogether. The headline of your article should clearly communicate the benefit you’ll deliver to the reader in exchange for their time spent.

Remember promises tend to be made before they are ever fulfilled. If you write your blog content first, it puts you in a place were you have to reverse-engineer your promise. When you write your headline first you have the benefit of expressly fulfilling the compelling promise you made in your the headline. This almost always helps to keep your blog content sharp and well-structured.

Also, remember that fulfilling a promise you haven’t made yet is challenging, and sometimes gives way to mediocre headlines. And poorly written headlines will kill your article even when the body of the article is somewhat amazing.

Article by Lance Roberts

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