In the past we have designed our web sites with a  CSS or Cascading Style sheet which not only controlled the layout of the site but also controlled the printing of the web site along with the mobile version of the web site, but now we have developed  a separate iPhone version. The iPhone version of the site acts just like an application on the iPhone but it is brought up in the Safari web browser. The iPhone version of the site will interact will several aspects of the iPhone; such as, SMS, Email, Phone, YouTube, Google Maps, and other applications that are uniquely part of the iPhone.

We have recently just released our version of our site for the iPhone. The site is completely compatible with the iPhone; you can instantly call us, SMS us, or even email us through the iPhone mobile versions of our site. The site is completely compliant with the built-in safari web browser. The site also even inter-acts with YouTube, and with Google Maps.

The site is also  shares information about, our services, and some of  our web sites, as well as has a contact form for immediate assistance.

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