Want to fund your business, idea, product, or film making?

There are quite a few new web site’s that are springing up to fund people’s projects. Whether you are an artist, writer, designer, journalist, programmer or inventor; these sites will fund your idea by having backers pledge so much money to your cause and the sky is the limit on the amount of money that you need or would like to have for your project. Here are some links to some of the sites that provide this service:




There are several other sites as well and I have provided a link to a page that gives you all of them and you can research each of them for which ones you like the best. http://crowdfunding.pbworks.com/w/page/10402176/Crowdfunding

I personally like kickstarter.com and peerbackers.com they seem to fund all types of project endeavors. Check them out and get funded.

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