and Liquid Video Technologies just completed LVTPrint which is our own software version of Cloud printing.  We developed our own cloud print software because we had been using Google Cloud print for our client NTHSNTHS which stands for National Technical Honor Society is a association which has thousands of members. When new schools sign up or current schools adds new members they get anywhere from 10 to 500 new members.  This then requires them to print a roster, a member certificate for each new member and then a membership card. Each one of these are printed from different trays and different printers at there office in North Carolina.

So they where looking for a way to only have to click one button from their web site and have it print all of the internet orders with the Roster being printed and having the correct orientation, also to the correct tray,  the member certificate being printed to the correct paper type and tray, and then the member card being printed on special paper along with being printed to the correct tray.

We started by solving this issue by using Google Print which worked like a charm but in the last few months it has just stopped working with no rhyme or reason and as usual even though the product may be great you can never get anyone on the phone at Google for support.  Well, NTHS has come to rely on the one-click-printing feature that we developed in association with Google Cloud Print.

We had no choice we had to develop our own software so NTHS would not have to rely on Google Cloud Print so that this feature would continue to work. So we set down and wrote a windows based software app that allows their web application to communicate to their local server and as the orders come in our piece of software looks for new orders. Gets the orders, que’s them up and then prints the orders in the correct format and to the correct printer.

We are currently working on developing this for other companies as a stand alone product that can be used with any web application or web site that needs to print multiple/single documents from the web and still want the ability to do that from any internet connection.

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