Company Background:

Precision Grinding Industries manufactures machine parts and equipment through very fine-tuned processes such as grinding, swiss turning, and machining. As it says in the name, all of these techniques require a great deal of precision to execute properly. This company is truly one to dedicate itself to the fine details. 

The Challenge:

When Precision Grinding decided to update their website, they found themselves unable to manage any of their content and images. As it turned out, their website had been custom-coded in extremely out of date software, leaving them no way to change and control the image they were putting forward for potential customers to view. As a company invested in the nitty-gritty details, this situation was simply unacceptable for Precision Grinding. 

The Solution:

Fortunately for Precision Grinding, Mojoe is also a company invested in fine-tuning. When Precision Grinding connected with Mojoe, our teams went through a series of meetings to determine how to achieve their vision for their updated website. The Mojoe team created a new wireframe for the website and a design matching their branding flawlessly with a new, modern look. A completely new theme was installed to give the website a smooth layout and Mojoe developed each page into a beautiful prototype to showcase to the Precision Grinding team. Furthermore, rather than using a standard WordPress website, Mojoe updated the PGI team to WordPress Divi to allow them to manage their own content easier in the future. Instead of stopping after creating a beautiful project, the Mojoe team went out of their way to train the Precision Grinding team on WordPress Divi so they will be able to modify their website without the necessity of outside help.

Services provided by Mojoe included:
  • Wireframe
  • Custom Design
  • Web page Development
  • Prototype creation
  • Install New Theme
  • Upgrade to Divi
  • Training the PGI team

Mojoe is happy to have helped Precision Grinding Industrial take back ownership of their brand. Now, they have the power to update and improve their website as often as they see fit to represent themselves in the most authentic way possible. Any little detail on the website is now in the hands of Precision Grinding to hone in just the way they create their machinery. Go check out their new site today!



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