Meta-tags, alt tags, title tags or H tags should you use these anymore?

Well the answer is a definite YES! Even though some of the most popular search engines say they do not use search engine to determine ranking for your web site. Still there are over 30,000 other search engines and link directories that do and at the end of the day. A lot of the larger search engines use some of smaller search engines data to get your ranking position.

Now, if you have a web developer / web company that tells you that search engines do not use meta tags, meta data, alt tags, title tags, or H1 tags. Then you need to find another web development company. Because even though meta-tags, alt tags, title tags and H1 tags do not carry the same weight they once did they still assist in the evaluation of your ranking. So for example if you a web site that is Keyword Rich with your preferred words (You can use Google Keyword Tool to find the preferred or key words that will work for your web site.) but you have no title tags, alt tags, meta-tags, or H1 tags then your overall search engine rank will be lower  say around 50% to 70% if you have done the other search engine opitmization techniques in order to get your site to a higher ranking then your site will be around 100%. What are those you ask? Well, I have provided those below:

You need to create the following for correct search engine optimization and registration to work correctly:

H tags
Title Tags
Alt Tags
Keyword Rich Content
Readability Level of Content
Twitter Account
Facebook Account
YouTube Channel
Deep Linking
Outside Linking

These are just a few of the techniques for optimizing your web site that need to be implemented so you have correct search engine optimization done for your site. If you would like further reading in regards to search engines, meta-tags, alt tags, H tags and title tags please see the links below.

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Having Multiple H1 Tags
Social Media and SEO

If you would like more information on search engines and the history of search engines please visit this link:

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