Today, we launched our new social marketing campaign to generate traffic for search engine otimization and search engine registration. So far we have had over 5,000 impressions in less than 4 hours of our ad being live. Not bad results for 4 hours.

Check back soon to this post as we will be updating it with daily results.

Update February 25th 2010, our ad has been running for 4 days and has over 88,000 impressions for our ad. Social Marketing is turning out to be quite profitable way to market ones business.

Update March 4th 2010, our social marketing campaign has ended and here are the results. We received over 330,163 impressions for our ad, received 105 clicks, and increased our web site traffic by 30 percent along with 5 sales calls that 2 turned into web site sales.

Check back next month to see our next social marketing campaign and the results that we achieve.

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