Web design has changed a lot over the past few years. To know what a modern version of a website should look like first, you must know what older versions of web design look like. A really old design that use to be used in websites was flash and it was used a lot in the early 2000s. As smartphones came out, the world of web design changed. Flash was no longer used because it was hard to access it on a smartphone. Designers began to think of ways to make their designs more mobile-friendly and reduce the code they use while making them mobile-friendly. They also tried to keep their designs up-to-date by not using many frames in their designs as well as reducing their use of underlined hyperlinks (which is still done today when making menus and navigation).

One thing that had not changed was the layout of the webpage they still were not full width. Websites would only take up the middle of the pages and there would be empty space on both the left and right sides. This was released in 2008 when full width became big. Websites began to use a full-width design which is most commonly seen today. The banners and the main content used to stretch out all the way to the edges of the page but now they spread out enough that there is still space on both sides. These days it’s still hard to tell if a website will be easy to access on a smartphone but with many tutorials available, it’s easy to make your website mobile-friendly.

Web design used to have lots of different colors and lots of text all over the page. Things were kind of all over the place but they were getting better. There was a scroll bar on the right side of the page which was used to show readers that they could keep scrolling down to read more. Scroll bars were a big part of web design and they are still used today but not as much. Sidebars were also very popular and many websites used them to include information about the website. Today sidebars are still used but they are not as dominant as in older websites.

In today’s age using white with accent colors on buttons headers and borders is very common. Web design is focused on making websites look modern and professional. Another thing that has changed from the past is that things are centered and button style changes just by the click of a mouse. Web design has been evolving since it was created and as technology gets better, web designers like to use new techniques and tools to make their designs more modern looking.

Web design is constantly evolving. Nowadays web designers have a lot more options to use in their designs and it’s becoming easier for web designers to create a website that looks good on smartphones, tablets, and other smaller devices.
The ultimate goal of web design is to make people happy with the sites they see. A lot of the time people don’t know what they want because they just become overwhelmed by all the options they see. It’s hard to take a step back and figure out what you want but once you do that, it’s easy to start making your own website or blog.
All it takes is picking a service, design theme, and getting going.

Web design is still changing today and will keep changing in the future. Many new technologies are being developed and designers have to adapt to the changes. For example, now most websites will use a mobile-first approach and will start designing their sites on smaller devices and then make them larger when it is accessed on larger devices.

You are probably wondering why mobile design is so important for websites. Well, it’s pretty obvious everyone has a mobile phone. 54% of people who visit a website come from mobile so if your site has not mobile been optimized it could be costing you more than half of your traffic. Or more than half your sales if you’re selling something on your site which most people are.

Overall web design is the most important thing that is gonna have someone decide if they want to stay or leave your site. So if you need help designing and developing your website contact mojoe.net today.


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