More than 85,000 businesses went online during the Covid-19 pandemic, catching up with and accelerating the eCommerce trend. Many of those businesses, however, soon discovered expensive feels and technical challenges. That’s because web hosting isn’t always exactly user-friendly. If you’re ready to give your business that online edge, read on for web hosting tips and advice from industry leaders.

Because of the recent technological advances in cloud computing, online businesses now have a host of different hosting options for their websites. One of the more popular choices is to use a “virtual server”, which lets users run applications and store data remotely without having to buy or maintain expensive hardware. It’s an option that offers both flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as well as 24/7 support. Many hosting companies also offer bandwidth guarantees that mean you’ll never pay more than what you’re allotted per month.
Some companies offer free basic hosting packages, but they sometimes include some pretty big strings attached.”Free basic web hosting typically comes with banner ads around the site, which many companies want to avoid,” says Justin Wood, spokesman for Liquid Web Inc.

“Some also come with monthly traffic limits, and others have sub-par support. They might not have great uptime, and it could wind up costing you more in the long run.”

So it’s important to evaluate what you really need and look for a plan that gives a solid performance at a fair price. Look at the kind of support you’ll get–your host may offer 24/7 telephone support, which can be especially helpful when you’re starting out with limited web-building knowledge. You’ll also want to make sure you have all the necessary tools for web development and online commerce, such as shopping carts, blogs, databases, and eCommerce solutions.

But remember, the main focus should be on your business. Does this plan make sense for you? How will you know if it’s not a good fit? If it’s too small or too big, you’ll never get the support or technical features you need to keep growing. So look at what your needs are and find a plan that fits. Either way, a web host is one of the most popular solutions on the market today and provides endless opportunities for businesses worldwide.

Businesses in many industries find themselves constrained by physical limitations, bureaucratic rules, and legal restrictions when it comes to their location. Enter the cloud. This emerging technology provides a flexible solution for these business owners and companies.

A cloud is an environment where businesses can store data, host emails and run applications without having to maintain expensive hardware or software. Virtual servers give users the control they need while providing the flexibility of a shared environment. The result is more bandwidth, reliability and better security than what a company could provide for itself with dedicated servers or software. These virtual environments are ideal for businesses that want to cut their hardware costs and lower their carbon footprint.

In addition, there are more choices than ever before, making it easy to match your needs with a plan that suits your business’s specific requirements. Cloud platforms today offer paid-in-advance subscriptions on a rolling monthly basis, making it more affordable for small businesses to get started.

No one knows your business and your needs better than you do. If you’re ready to take the next step with your business, think about putting your trust in the cloud. Cloud hosting frees businesses from having to invest in expensive hardware and software while offering more flexibility, scalability and security than a company could ever provide for itself.

While choosing a hosting service is an important first step, it’s not something that businesses should do without giving it careful thought because there are many things that can go wrong–and quickly.

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