In designing a site I always ask for as many photos as I can from a client. The more images you have for a site the more visually appealing the site can become; but if a client does not have any images then we go to a photographer to take pictures for the customer or more commonly we go to a stock photography site. The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very true when it comes to web design.

When developing a piece of marketing whether it is a brochure, billboard, flyer, or even a web site. Society reads on an 8th grade level, which lets us know how visually-based our society has become. So when designing a web site the more pictures you can use the more you’ll be able to draw in your visitors.

When developing a web site; I always start out with a two hour meeting where we go through a creative strategy process where we ask the client a great deal of probing questions; such as, what colors do you like, what type of feel are you going for on your website, are you selling a product, and so on. (More to come on Creative Strategy in my next article) Once I have gathered this information I then go on and construct a light-box of images whether the images are from the client, a photographer, stock photography web site or a combination of the aforementioned sources.

So when you begin developing a web site for a client it is very helpful to start out by presenting them with a light-box of images. This is a great way to spawn ideas for the development of the site as well as get additional direction from the client. This allows you to develop a visual story for the client and will help visually layout the site with the images you have chosen. For you newbie’s out there I am sure you are wondering by now what is a light-box? Well, here is the official definition: “A folder used on stock photography site to allow a user to organize digital photos.”

When picking photos for a light-box there are several great stock photography sites out there; such as, I personally use because the image quality is superior and the price is very reasonable when purchasing photos. also has a built in light-box which you can create for a specific client and then send the client a link to that light-box so they can review the images that you have chosen.

Here is an example of one of the light-boxes that I created for a client. Click Here

When purchasing photos make sure to keep a copy of all photos not only for the client that you have purchased them for but also to keep a copy for yourself. I have done this for the last 10 years and I have built up quite a collection of photos for my own library of images. I use these photos as my go too photos for clients before I purchase any additional.

Once the client has chosen the images that he/she wishes to use for construction of their web site I begin designing a Mood Board for their website. “What is a Mood Board you ask?” Well here is a link to the article that gave me the insight on Mood Boards.

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