Recently we had a potential client ask us for a quote on a web site for his business; we have course prepared the quote and spent several hours with our potential client going through our creative questions and we had several meetings as well.

Well, you know how it goes. The customer went and got pricing from other web developers and web designers. Of course all of the quotes that came back at a lower cost than ours. So the customer ask, the Million Dollar Question, “What’s the Difference?”

So I explained to the customer that not all web developers / web designers are created equal nor do they provide an apple to apple comparison and most likely that most of other developers that he received quotes from left quite few things out in their proposals. So the customer asked if I would write a list of all the questions that he could then asked the other developers to see if we were comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges. After about 2 weeks of waiting I finally received a call back from the client and some of the developers had answered all of the questions. Not to my surprise, all of their quotes had gone up considerably and we ended up being the more reasonably priced.

Due to this client interaction we have developed a new page for our web site called Questions where we answer all of the questions that we proposed to the other web developers / designers. We have made this page so that other potential clients whom probably have some of these same questions can get answers straight from our web site.

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