Alright WordPress User’s

Here are the top 5 WordPress Plugins that we recommend:

Each one of these plugins can be of great benefit to your blog or WordPress web site.

Google Analytics for WordPress
We have found that the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin integrates easily with most versions of WordPress. Simple to setup as well, all you need to do is register your site with Google Analytics and you will be issued a UA-XXXXXXX-X number you then type this number into the plugin and authorize it and your done. You now have custom statistical information about your web site. It can take several days for the information to become available at your Gooogle Analytics account.

Goolge XML Sitemaps
Another plugin that works effectively and is easy to install in most WordPress versions; this will not only create your XML sitemap, but it will also submit your XML site map to Bing, Ask, and Google. In addition it will also create your robots.txt file. This is a great method for updating the search engines about your web site or blog and the changes that you make.

JetPack by WordPress
This plugin is kind of what you would call in All-In-One Plugin. It does quite a few different things but it is built all into one plugin which makes management of those features quite easy to control. It allows social connections with Facebook, Twitter, and so on with all of your post or pages. Jetpack also has stats all it own, you can configure a backup of your web site. You can use different widgets in-conjunction with the plugin so you can post your twitter stream, or have people to subscribe

WordPress Backup to Dropbox
We would not install or use a WordPress web site or blog for a customer without having this plugin installed. It makes a full and complete copy of your site and all of its files. You can schedule the backup for the day of the week and the time and how often the backup occurs. It also stores a copy of your entire database as well. This is a must have utility for anyone wanting to use WordPress.

WordPress SEO
This is an self contained search engine optimization and registration plugin that allows you to tie in titles, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, as well as submit your XML sitemap, and will assist you with techniques for optimizing your blog post. NOTE: Please be careful when using these plugin in conjunction with each plugin above. Some of the plugins do the exact same task and other ones only do a portion.

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